Button Gallery Launches: Button Series 1

Drakenwrath Designs has begun compiling the designs for the first set of graphic buttons. The first set of graphic buttons is called the "Geometric Edge" series and features 10 of our  original designs. The standard pressing of the Geometric Edge series is available with a white design on a black background.

We also have the series design in blue, green, red, and yellow on a black background. Alternate color samples for the series can be found on our Flickr gallery.  These buttons are also for sale over on our Etsy store.

Introduction: Welcome to Drakenwrath Designs

Drakenwrath Designs is a multimedia studio dedicated to many types of artistic mediums ranging from 2-d graphic design to papier mache to graphic button-making.

This site will serve as an information and update platform as our projects develop. In addition, links to completed projects that are purchasable can be found here as well.

Thanks for stopping by and browsing our galleries and designs and stay tuned for updates on upcoming projects.