Papier Mache Pumpkin: Voracious


As we proceed into October, I wanted to post a project I finished at the beginning of the month. Much like the past Halloweens, I made a papier mache pumpkin using Dan Reeder's mache techniques. Larger than the previous entries, here is Voracious.

Front View

Side View
One of the challenges of this piece was getting a large enough base mache ball to use for the body. I put together several large newspaper balls with masking tape and then joined them with other scraps, shaping the whole thing into a rough sphere as I went. Here is a sequence of images from the production.

Construction Phase

Cloth Skin Phase

Side View

Paint Phase (pre blackwash)
Once the main ball was mached, I cut it in half to start working on the details. The hollowed out core was easy to shape and I was able to fasten the eye sockets from the inside using two halves of a mache ball with a cloth skin. The eyes and teeth are polymer clay and glow in the dark like the past pumpkins. As I built the shape out, I tried to find some distinct details that would make this pumpkin unique. I settled on the sharp horns and forehead jewels. After the construction phase, it was just a matter of putting the piece back together. I did add a strip of black nylon on the inside of the mouth so you can't see into the hollowed out core. Once the piece was taped up and the shape finalized, I added the layer of cloth and glue and then painted it once everything was dry. The painting was straight forward and I washed over the final coat with diluted black paint to create the highlights and shadows.

That's it for this one. I am working on a multi-part papier mache project that I'm hoping to get done this month. I may have to release it in phases since there are several different pieces I need to make. There will be more to come.

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Redbubble Merch Review 10/2016


We are into October now, the best month in my opinion. As things get closer to winter, the studio is still busy as usual. I've got several projects in the works and we'll see how many I can complete before Halloween. In the meantime, I bought a couple new hoodies from Redbubble to test out some of the more recent designs.

Scyther/Gammoth Hoodies and MH Stickers
 The two hoodies are the same zippered types Redbubble offers. They have the thicker newer material and are pretty well insulated. The Scyther pattern was bought right before I had to take the designs down so I'm lucky I was able to get it. Both the Scyther and the Gammoth designs are pretty sharp and the screening is consistent with the previous hoodies I've gotten. I'd like to get some more of the newer shirt types they've added to the storefronts.

MH Sticker Closeups
I ordered a set of the newer stickers TyvridKizuna has been adding to our store. It's a little tough to see in the pictures but the images are pretty sharp. It looks like they might have improved the material and printing since the last time I picked up some stickers. They come pre-cut on a glossy vinyl surface. One day I might test out some of the Brave Frontier designs in sticker form and see how they stack up.

That's it for this post. I've got the first of our Halloween content coming up shortly so that will be posted soon.

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