Long Overdue Project Summary and Spring Updates!


It's well into Spring and several months since the last update here. My apologies. The studio is very much active, I just haven't had time to summarize the latest projects due to some things going on behind the scenes. My weekly Youtube and DA upload schedules remain the same. Youtube videos go up two days a week, either Monday/Friday or Wednesday/Friday and DA uploads go up Monday/Wednesday/Friday with the Monster Hunter Circulars getting uploaded at the beginning of the month. I've got some interesting things cooking in the near future and I'll probably go into some greater detail when it gets closer to launch time. You can also expect a post from TyvridKizuna at some point in the future too.

That being said, I want to talk a bit about the holiday project I posted eons ago in the Winter. This is is Krampus Avatar Sahgrel:

Front View

Close Up

Side View
 As expected, I drew some inspiration from the increasingly famous Krampus monster when designing Sahgrel. It had been ages since I did a full-size free-standing monster so this seemed like a good time to get back into it. If you're curious about the construction and skin phase, I've set up an Imgur album to keep this post from getting too cluttered. Overall, I like the dark color scheme on Sahgrel. It creates a good shadowy palette, something fitting for monsters like the Krampus. I didn't establish any lore for this piece but based on his name, I imagine Sahgrel serves as a vessel for some incarnation of the demonic Krampus spirit. If I were to work him into the Summoner world's lore, perhaps would be some sort of malevolent force that behaves a lot like the Krampus we know.

I think that's it for the project summary. I'm working on some other mache pieces including the Holy Dragon I posted earlier with the WIP shots. I hope to finish that one up in the next couple months. A lot of time has been set aside for design work and streaming so that's where most of my effort's been going. The weekly streams on Twitch have been a great way to interact with people while I work so thanks if you've tuned in! Announcements for upcoming streams will continue to be posted on DA and Twitter.

See you in the next post!