Papier Mache Mask: Trinitus Megiddo


This project has been delayed for too long. I've actually had this piece completed for a while but I didn't have an ideal set up to take pictures of it. I attempted a few photo sessions earlier in the year but wasn't satisfied with the results. Finally, I used my camera's tripod and a backdrop to take some pictures of the mask.

Front View
This is Trinitus Megiddo. Using Dan Reeder's papier mache techniques, this is my take on a wearable mask. As shown in previous screen shots, this piece is a combination of three faces, a main demonic shape with two monsters grafted onto the sides.

Lore-wise, the greater demon, Megiddo was a monstrous warlord that reigned over a large territory. At his side were two guardian beasts, Ice Serpent Hyouga and Ash Drake Ignir. Legend chronicles the bloody rule of Megiddo for many years before a rival faction rose up and overthrew him. Mortally wounded along with his guardians, the demon used the last of his strength to merge their souls together using an arcane ritual. Upon completion of the ritual, the being that emerged was an Arch Demon with three demonic faces. It wielded the power of ice and flames and obliterated the rival faction with little effort. Renaming itself Trinitus Megiddo, the reborn tyrant vanished into the ether to seek greater challenges.
The Face of Frozen Judgement, Hyouga
The Face of Burning Wrath, Ignir
The color scheme for Trinitus was an interesting thought process. I already had the fire and ice color scheme of the two side heads when I put the final layer of skin on the central head. I wanted a neutral color that was dark yet still contrasting with the other two. I set the orange stones along the forehead for additional highlighted colors. The teeth on all three faces glow in the dark and it makes for an eerie effect when the lights are out. I also tried to take some shots wearing the mask to illustrate how it sits on the head.

Obligatory #selfie

Hyouga's Face

Ignir's Face
One of the advantages of mache as a medium is it's very lightweight. Even after attaching both heads and covering them with cloth skin, Trinitus Megiddo as a headpiece is not heavy. It can be a little wide due to Hyouga's tusks but it doesn't put unnecessary pressure on the neck. I wore it around at work for Halloween last year and it was pretty comfortable. It does get a little hot though. I used my dress shirt and suit coat in the pictures for added effect. The canon design of Trinitus would have war armor but I don't have any of that to wear at the moment.

Overall, I'm pleased with how this piece came out. Dan Reeder detailed some very useful techniques in his Youtube series so I recommend checking it out if you're interested in making something like this for yourself. I've been working on another wearable mask that will be an interesting take on the style. I'll probably post some WIP pictures of it as we get closer to Halloween. I do want to make an 2D emblem for this monster so I may post that as well.

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