Pony Sets Update: 4 New Character Series Are Live

Four new character sets have been added to our Flickr gallery and Etsy store. The new sets feature a handful of background/minor characters, Big Mac and Cheerilee, Lyra and Bon Bon, and the Wonderbolts as shown shown below:

Left to right: Berry Punch, Colgate, Aloe, Lotus, Fleur De Lis

Top: Big Mac
Bottom: Cheerilee

Top: Lyra
Bottom: Bon Bon

Top: Spitfire
Bottom: Soarin

Thanks to Everyone at PAX Prime 2012

After a marathon weekend at PAX in Seattle, the event is over. We had a great time wandering the event and talking with folks about all things gaming. This was the second event we've attended and the response to the various buttons series was incredibly positive. The Pony sets seemed to be the most popular and it seems like a larger sample stock will be needed for next year.

Speaking of Pony sets, the first set of character faces is almost finished. We will be posting a handful of background character sets soon to wrap up the first round of faces and work on the second sets of faces for the Mane Six is underway. Stay tuned!