Our Artists


Zanshinretsu or 'Zan' (rhymes with dawn) was the first artist to join Drakenwrath Designs. After graciously allowing the studio to merge their content with his space on Flickr, Zanshinretsu has since contributed content to Drakenwrath Designs in the form of two-dimensional design work, emblems, graphic buttons, and even papier mache.

Zan's Youtube Channel
Zan's Deviant Art

 The artist Multi-Palette joined the studio in 2011 from the depths of the Brony fandom following the explosion of the internet phenomenon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All of the pony-related content found here comes from Multi-Palette, most of which involved our previously featured pony graphic buttons. Since those items are currently no longer being sold through the on-line store, Multi-Palette will be working on some stand-alone projects and new content for the studio.


TyvridKizuna started as an on-and-off collaborator over on Deviant Art. A digital artist, he specializes in drawings and has a pencil on paper background. Popular projects include the Monster Hunter Face series and the Monster Hunter Tri-fusions. Officially joining the team in Summer of 2016, TyvridKizuna (or TK) will continue to contribute to stand-alone or collaboration projects for Drakenwrath Designs and his work can also be found on our Redbubble Store.
Have a question about current or future projects? Looking for a custom graphic button order? Do you think Ponies are awesome? Contact us at drakenwrathdesigns@gmail.com and follow us on Twitter @Drakenwrath.