Project Wrap-up 1: The Four Gods of the Aegis

Happy New Year,

The posts have been a bit sparse here on the site. I've been traveling recently and have been sick with a cold for a while, slowing work a bit. As a way to tie up the recent Mache projects, I'm preparing a couple of posts to summarize their development. Here is a compilation video from the Four Gods chapter of the Faceless Summoner:

While a smaller group of masks compared to the Summoner's debut, I felt like the Four Gods were a good way to focus on the narrative aspects of each piece while trying to further the overall story. I like the idea of working in more character dialogue to flesh them out.

As hinted in the brief "teaser" at the end of the compilation video, the story will continue at some point in the future. The next installment in the Summoner's tale will be more complex so I can't give a definite release date at this point.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the wrap-up where I'll break down the development process behind the recent holiday project I posted on Twitter.