Pony Sets Update: Magic, Music, Fandom Favorites, and Royalty

Four new Pony button sets have gone up on our Etsy Store. These sets feature new designs for Derpy Hooves and Dr. Whooves, Zecora and Trixie, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, and finally Celestia and Luna. Preview pictures shown below can also be found on our Flickr gallery.

Top: Derpy Hooves
Bottom: Dr. Whooves (Time Turner)
Top: Zecora
Bottom: Trixie

Top: Vinyl Scratch
Bottom: Octavia

Top: Princess Celestia
Bottom: Princess Luna

Upcoming Project Is Underway: Mask Series 1

In anticipation of Halloween approaching at the end of the month, we have started an ambitious project with the intention of having papier mache items on our store for the first time. As seen on our Flickr gallery, one of the specialties of Drakenwrath's papier mache pieces includes decorative monster masks.

The first series of masks that will be added to our Etsy Store will be several small-scale monster masks. These pieces are all uniquely made and one of a kind and WIP shots will be posted here to show the progress. The shot below includes several of the constructed masks pre-skin. This isn't the final set and more updates will be coming.

Foreground: 8 of the first mask series
Background: A huge mess