Spring Updates


Spring is well underway and the world is now a little bit crazy. I hope everyone is staying safe and indoors while the pandemic is ongoing. While I haven't had to do much to my regular routine, some folks I've talked to have been getting tired of the quarantine.

Fortunately, many of the studio's projects are still underway so I won't be running out of things to do any time soon. Ongoing design series on DA are still going strong and won't be slowing down at all. Last week on my Twitch channel, I started experimenting with a new art medium. As a way to build on the design process, I've started doing digital concept sketches. The results have been interesting so far and I'm looking at a way to adapt that style into some posts for DA. I'll link them here when they eventually go up.

On the Youtube front, the Bloodstained Let's Play recently concluded. That game was a fun ride and I definitely recommend it. Next up, I will be playing through one of my favorites from the SNES era, Demon's Crest. You can check out the first episode here:

That's all for now. I'm looking at planning some new mache projects so those details will be coming in the future along with some Redbubble store updates.

Stay safe and wash your hands!