Redbubble Merch Review


As I mentioned in the previous post, we've started uploading our work on Redbubble, an on-line store where you can get designs on various products. So far, I've put a few of my Monster Hunter emblems as well as some of the other designs from the dragon and mecha series. In order to see how the design quality would translate to the various products, I ordered a set of shirts and stickers and a phone case. Here are the results:

Monster Hunter Designs
The first shot shows a set of the circular, front, and side emblems of some of the monsters from the games. I went for the Stygian Zinogre design for the shirt and I think it turned out well. The stickers are smaller and a pretty good print quality. I recently had to get a new phone and I decided to see how the Gore Magala circular emblem would look on the slim snap cases they have on Redbubble. The design print is very sharp and I like how it looks.

PAD and Ship Designs
Seen here are the PAD design from TyvridKizuna along with the 9 Blades Armada. The shirts actually have a pretty good print quality. The ship designs maintain their sharpness and I like the results. I ordered a few of the individual Armada designs on the sticker templates and they're good as well.

Overall, the Redbubble products' quality is pretty solid. We'll be adding more to the store and if I end up getting another sample of the designs, I'll post my thoughts here.