New Project Launches: Paper Mache Hydra

Hello. The studio has been working on some projects behind the scenes lately and it's time to start posting some updates. Due to having to re-shoot the completed Thunder Dragon, we've decided to move ahead and start getting some updates posted on our latest mache project.

The next piece that's currently in progress will be a 5-headed Hydra. A serpentine creature with multiple heads, this will be a full-sized piece made using the standard processes. Right now it has been mached and is drying before moving on to the construction phase. The following in a WIP shot of the piece so far.

Shown here, you can see the body of the creature in the upper left. In total, it's probably more than ten feet long including the two necks. The five heads' jaws are in the back and the remaining necks and construction materials are there as well. The jaws have actually been clothed already and are waiting to be painted. The next phase will be during the construction phase. I plan to get a picture of some early concept sketches for this piece as well.
Stay tuned.