New Let's Play Series Starts on Youtube!


As we proceed further into Spring, I thought I'd highlight a project that launched today. As I teased on YT last week, I'm starting a Let's Play series! This content is meant to mix up the usual schedule of Speed Drawing videos while giving me a chance to play through some old classics. The first series will be a play through of 8-bit classic, Blaster Master. This challenging game from the NES is full of interesting twists. Check out the first episode here:

New episodes will go up Tuesdays and Thursdays until the LP is finished! I'm going to try to have at least one play through going a month right now. Thanks for stopping by and tuning in!


Clans' Stickers Are Live!


I haven't been posting on here much lately. I've got a handful of projects in the queue but not much to report in on. I did want to mention that I've started uploading my Clans characters on our Redbubble store! Based on Chibi Series I made as a way to highlight the various races, the designs are available on a bunch of different products. I'd like to do a product test to see how the print quality turns out on the stickers specifically. Also, I've named each of the characters in the different concept pieces. This information is going to synch up with the Clans' Collab stuff Zan's been working on. I'll be going back to add the information and store links to my DA posts.

TK out!