Operation EFNW: Production Mode Engage

Greetings Pony fans and greater internet! It's been a bit since we last posted here. Things have been really busy around the studio because we'll be attending the Washington MLP convention, Everfree Northwest in July! This year marks the second run of this growing con and we've taken the chance to attend as a vendor this year. Based on the overwhelmingly positive responses to our buttons when we went last year, it looks to be a good chance to help Drakenwrath Designs get some more exposure. At the event, we'll be selling all of the button sets for the Pony series that have appeared here, as well as some of Zanshinretsu's original work as well. Time schedule permitting, we hope to include some of the non-pony designs and paper mache masks at the event.
To give those of you who may be finding this page from the EFNW main site, here is a teaser of our button layouts that we're bringing to the con. Please note that they have been grouped together on these sheets at an upscaled size for easy viewing in our catalog books. Also, the numbering has been changed on a couple of them since we wanted to group them by character. A couple are missing due to formatting and if I'm able to make some adjustments to the sheet layouts I'll add them to this post later.
Fluttershy (aka Best Pony)

Pinkie Pie

(Princess) Twilight Sparkle


Rainbow Dash


Princess Celestia/Princess Luna/Aloe/Berry Punch/Colgate

Discord/Chrysalis/Lyra/Bon Bon

Big Mac/Cheerilee/Trixie/Zecora

Spitfire/Soarin'/Vinyl Scratch/Octavia

Derpy Hooves/Dr. Whooves/Princess Cadance/Shining Armor

Apple Bloom/Scootaloo/Sweetie Belle/Cutie Marks I

Cutie Marks II

That should do it for now. I'll make sure to keep this updated if our offerings change. Expect Zan to make a post for his work that will be at the con as the event gets closer. We're still processing orders through the Etsy store in the meantime if you absolutely can't wait until July. Just remember to follow the numbering shown on the Etsy listings since the layout here is specifically for our setup at EFNW.

See you soon!

~Multi Palette out.