Early Fall Update






Summer has officially gone and we're still here. I apologize for the slow posts here on the main site. Though there haven't been many updates things are busy. I'll summarize a few of those things here.

For current projects, I've been working on an LP of the fan game Shadow of Naju, the unofficial sequel to the NES classic, The Guardian Legend. It's a fun trip through video game nostalgia and I recommend giving it a look here:

I've also been working on a series of Drawing Challenge videos in the Sunday/Wednesday video slot. This multiple part series has me trying to make 2D designs out of random shapes in Rhino! If you're curious, check out the the first episode here:

Finally, the Halloween project for this year is underway. I haven't spoken much about it but I will be creating a new papier mache mask and costume for Halloween. You can expect some lore posts as we get into October setting up the piece.

That should do it for the current studio updates. I'm going to try and make the posts more frequently here and there should be some Redbubble store news coming soon.

Stay safe and thanks for visiting!