New Button Sets Update Part 2: Celestial Array, Elemental Tribe, and Dragon Council

As a follow up to the last update, three original sets of our graphic buttons are now live on our Etsy store and Flickr gallery. The fourth, fifth, and sixth sets of 1.25" graphic buttons are as follows.

Fourth Set: Celestial Array
Top: Bloody Star, Quadral Eclipse, Grave Star, Omen Star, Amalgam Phalanx
 Bottom: Alchemic Star, Violent Vortex, Serrated Edge, Runic Lithos, Polar Blade

Fifth Set: Elemental Tribe

Top: Scorch Elemental, Gale Elemental, Flood Elemental, Tremor Elemental, Holy Elemental
Bottom: Frost Elemental, Venom Elemental, Shock Elemental, Shadow Elemental, Death Elementa

Sixth Set: Dragon Council

Top: Grand Hydra, Lithe Wyvern, Royal Drake, Priestess Amphisbaena, Divine Quetzacoatl
Bottom: Toxin Basilisk, Tidal Leviathan, Inferno Salamander, Wyrm Crest, Draconic Seal

Each set has 10 unique designs available in five different colors.