Papier Mache Mega Project Update: Teaser Shot

While it would have been great timing to have this project completed before Halloween, our most ambitious undertaking for the Papier Mache medium turned out to be much more time intensive than originally estimated. This project consists of 10 small-sized creature masks all created at the same time and each having a unique design and color scheme. The following is a teaser shot of the completed set after being skinned, painted, and blackwashed. Note the "sealed" state of each mask where the eyes, horns, and teeth are not uncovered. The final step will be the finishing touches of color highlights and then each will be awakened and revealed to the world.

Mask Series 1: The Vengeful Ten (sealed)
As mentioned in the first preview post for this project, nine of these ten are going to be put up for sale on our Etsy store, a first for Drakenwrath's Papier Mache work. In addition to the completed masks, each will come with some special additional content to be revealed when all are complete. Stay tuned for a massive content update coming very soon!