Operation EFNW II: Vengeful Ten x Friendship

Hello. With the event a couple days away, the studio has been moving quickly to try and finish the last of our inventory. Due to a last minute supply crunch, we weren't able to get a complete set of buttons for my Graphic Design series. While it is unfortunate, our focus is on the Pony-related items for the event so that took priority.

Still, we want to be able to offer some of Drakenwrath's own unique items so we will be taking the entire Vengeful Ten (nine in total) set of masks to be put up for sale at the event. Our on-line listings for these nine will be temporarily deactivated on Etsy for the weekend. Any masks that aren't sold will be reposted after the event.

For those wondering, the prices of masks will be dropped to $40 for the event. We don't have the custom insignias or buttons but the pieces will be offered at this lowered price for this weekend only. I will be the one primarily operating the table on behalf of the studio for the weekend and can answer any questions regarding the masks at the event.

See you there.