Let's Play Updates and Upcoming Events


As we proceed into the later part of Summer, I figured it would be good to do an update post here. After a short break while I was on vacation, the content in the regular spots is continuing as usual. My Twitch streaming schedule was on hold during the break but will be starting up again this weekend. Also, with PAX West coming up soon, I've started preparing some things to take to the event. I want to bring our usual Graphic Buttons as well as the vinyl stickers I didn't get to hand out last year. There will be a more detailed post coming when the event gets closer.

In Let's Play news, I haven't done a good job of announcing the latest here on the site. I just started posting the episodes from our most current Quick Look series featuring the brutal NES game, Digger T. Rock: The Legend of the Lost City. This series will be shorter than the others and is meant to be highlighted look at the game. The LP is also unique in that it features some commission work for the first time! I asked Unlucky Angel, one of my contacts on-line to draw a title card for the Quick Look. He did a great time on short notice and I'm super happy with the results! Check out the first episode of the QL here:

That's it for this post. I still need to draft up a product review of the pose figures I've acquired recently. That will most likely happen before the end of Summer if I get a spare minute. In the meantime, if you're looking for the most up to date news on content or streaming, follow me on Twitter @Zanshinretsu. Updates are pretty frequent there.

Thanks for stopping by!