Lore Post: Chronicles of the Stoneskin King


This year's Halloween project is finished. I'm working on the showcase video for it which will be going live on 10/31. As a sort of intro to the project, I've prepared some lore which will establish the setting and character.

<Chronicles of the Stoneskin King>
The proud Naetherspawn inhabit the sprawing city of Irusekh high above the rest of the realm on the skypeak. Fairly secluded, they keep to themselves and rarely interact with the rest of the races. In order to prepare for conflict, the Naetherspawn constantly train and hone their abilities in combat. Those that have encountered their warriors have noted their exceptional battle prowess.

Over the many generations, the Legacy of the Cloudborne chronicles the rulers of the Naetherspawn kingdom. Highly decorated warriors and commanders that show unwavering loyalty their people compete for the throne and the right to lead Irusekh. The longest ruling leader in the legacy was the revered Garion. Named the “Stoneskin King”, Garion was one of the few of the royal line to have served in the frontlines of war. In the great Battle of Bloodspire, Garion led the Irusekh Skypiercer Knights against hordes of demons that threatened to breach the city’s gates. One of three great detachment commanders, Garion slew hundreds of demons and brought his entire battalion back without a single casualty. His skill and fierce devotion to his people earned the respect of even the governance council beneath the throne. When the time came for the throne to revolve to the next ruler, Garion ascended with little competition, officially adopting the title of Stoneskin King.
Garion ruled for many years with a stern but fair hand. He was beloved by his people and the Naetherspawn flourished. When rumblings of the demon lord, Megiddo’s forces reached the skypeak, Garion turned his watchful eye to the skirmishes happening far below the city. The encroaching forces of chaos in the realm concerned him since Irusekh had gone many years since an attack by hostile groups. Even the dragons which the Naetherspawn had a tentative alliance between had been strangely silent. Against the advice of his governance council, Garion decided to investigate the matter personally. He took a detachment of his most trusted warriors and departed the city. It has been three months since the investigation party embarked and Irusekh has heard not a word from its king…

That's it for the intro lore post. See you on Halloween!