Late Summer Update


This is just a short updated to mention some things as Summer winds down. With the end of August upon us, PAX is less than a week away. I will be there as a regular attendee with some friends for the entire weekend. Unlike previous years, I didn't have a chance to prepare some free things to hand out. The main reason for this was my recent move which impacted my ability to make things. I wanted to do something in conjunction with the release of Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate but the timing just didn't work out.

For site and channel news, uploads will continue per the normal schedule. I recently started up a Let's Play of Mega Man 2 on the NES. It's one of the most praised games in the series but I wanted to play through something from my past as a way to get back into the old-school playthroughs. I am working on editing some new Steam LPs and hope to be starting up a series on Monster Hunter World since the PC version has been out. Other than that, now that the move is done, I'm hoping to get my work shop space set up so I can start working on this year's Halloween project. I've got some things in mind that should be underway soon.

Thanks for visiting!