Halloween Lore Post 2: The Fall of Demons


Continuing on the lore posts leading up to Halloween, here's entry two:

Entry 2: The Fall of Demons

While the attempts of humans and the Ogre tribes were unsuccessful in stopping the Eye Collector, the demons plotted among themselves. Attacks on demon villages by the Collector were becoming more common and the various leaders became increasingly concerned. Using demonic rituals that drew power from the Sealed Dimension, the demons attempted to divine the lair of the Collector. Their efforts led them to the same mountainous caves where the Ogres had fallen. After sending a scouting team, three of the demon warlords combined their strength and sent a small army of forty warriors to the cavern outskirts. Their plan was to lie in wait for the Eye Collector to return from one of its raids and then lay siege to the caves.
Perhaps it was the carelessness of the demon army that did them in. Or perhaps the insight of the Eye Collector caused it to be one step ahead of its enemies. Either way, the demons did not succeed in stopping the threat. The Eye Collector cast a debilitating curse over the entire set of demon camps. The arcane runes sealed the troops as they slept leaving them Collector free to harvest them at its leisure. Once their eyes had been taken, the Collector burned the camps to the ground as the blinded demons lay still paralyzed by its incantations. Nothing but charred buildings and corpses remained.


That's it for this post. The next entry will be the final lore piece to introduce the completed piece.

Stay tuned!