Museum Project Update: Dragonskin

Hello again.

As stated in the last post, I'm following up with some new WIP shots of the museum Thunder Dragon project. This is the finalized design after adding the cloth skin. Shown here is the piece before moving on to the painting process.

Front-side view

Shown here is a similar shot to the last one, only after the skin. You can see here the dark blue cloth layer that is now covering all of the piece's features. I'm pleased with how the jagged outer jaws turned out and I think the final color scheme will help distinguish them from the inner fangs. The horns have been changed slightly from the last shots as explained further on.

Top-down view
Here's a better picture to illustrate what I'm talking about. Since the construction WIP shots, I added a smaller pair of top horns running along the skill and then added some smaller ones branching off the largest pair. I think it helps capture a regal appearance and set the piece apart from the other ones. Also note the gold stones set along the middle of the head.

Front view
This is the final shot. As mentioned in the post, the head was a little too narrow and I added some bulk to fill it out before setting the eyes. This shot also shows a good angle of the horns and how they slope off the head. It's also important to notice how there are slight asymmetrical flaws in the orientation. I never worry too much about this because it's supposed to be an organic piece and things in nature don't usually demonstrate exact symmetry. If dragons existed, I imagine this would be true.

That's it for this update. The painting process is underway and I'll be posting a full article writeup with the completed shots, lore/mythology, and the emblem work for this piece. Stay tuned.