Redbubble Product Review Part II: Hoodie Boogaloo (also Spring updates)


Spring is underway and things are busy as usual. I'll be going over some updates in this post as well as looking at some of our store offerings. I recently ordered three new hoodies from Redbubble to test out some of the more recent designs. Check them out below:

Top: Grand Legion, Left: Zodiac 3 Revenge, Right: Nadore
Overall, the emblem prints were very sharp like the last set. I had them printed on the backs of the hoodies to take advantage of the print space. I'll have to compare these to the last two but the material of the hoodies seems a bit thicker and heavier which will make them good for cold weather.

For project updates, I'm continuing with the adding of items to our Redbubble store. They will continue to go up along with postings on Deviant Art and Youtube. I'll be launching a few new emblem series this Spring as well. There are also some collab things in the works that I'll post when they happen.

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