Rhino Tutorial Series is Live!


We're already into November now with winter approaching quickly. As I mentioned in the last post, I've been working on a series of tutorial videos for Youtube explaining my process for doing 2D design work. You can find the first one here:

This first set of videos will walk through the basics for creating images using the various curve commands. For those that are interested in trying the program out, I've linked the download page in the video description. Keep in mind the downloadable demo should include all of the features of the program and will allow you to use those commands for 90 days. At the end of that trial period, you lose the ability to save your work but I think all the other commands remain functional. If anyone decides to take up Rhino seriously, I recommend getting a student license. It's much more affordable than the full retail license and you only need to provide proof of student status. I obtained a student version many years ago and I'm still using it to this day.

That's it for now. The second and third parts of the tutorial are going to go up consecutively each day. I'll probably do supplemental shorter "tips and tricks" videos in the future based on the response, especially if people have questions I didn't address in the videos themselves. I might also do some normal speed drawing videos with voiceover commentary.

Thanks for visiting!