New Papier Mache Series Launches - Venomous Reptile Dokudra


We're off into the new year and it's time to finally wrap up a project I announced in March of 2013. Yes, I know that's a really long time. This project was shelved due to some of the other more pressing things I was working on but recently I decided to not only finish it, but to turn into an ongoing series. The Mache Miniatures unlike my masks, full-size monsters or dragon trophies are a much smaller sculpture series constructed using the same methods. These are meant to be more like desktop pieces and not "miniatures" like figurines. As a way to wrap up a loose end while starting a bunch of new ones, here's Venomous Reptile Dokudra:

I tried some new filming and photographing techniques with this one. Both my digital camera and video camera are many years old and seem to be rendered obsolete by my more recent smartphone. I recorded and photographed all of the parts of this project with it. Here are the final shots of Dokudra. You can find the WIP phases of its construction here.

Full Shot

Face Close-up

Back Shot
For Dokudra. I went with the "standard" monster model for its body using the opportunity to see how the structure would hold up in a smaller piece. Thanks to the cloth skin and it being overall very light, the pieces stands up fine on its own. For future pieces, I'll experiment with more dynamic poses. It's also worth nothing that all of the spikes, teeth, eyes, and claws on Dokudra glow in the dark. More than the glowing effect, I've found that the polymer clay color works really well for teeth or horns.

That just about does it for this post. I'll be doing more with the Mache Miniatures going forward in between other projects.

Stay tuned!