Halloween Project Prologue: The Search for the Sundered Idol





Halloween is upon us once again and it's time to look at a short piece of lore for this year's project! I'm trying out something different this year to break up the past few wearable pieces. This year's Halloween piece is going to be a miniature sculpture that connects to the Faceless Summoner's lore. In fact, this entry is going to tie into the next major chapter of the Summoner's travels. Here's the prologue to the piece which should get posted tomorrow.


The Search For the Sundered Idol

 My travels with the Faceless Summoner took is across the realm to places I never dreamed of. The mysterious wanderer always moved with purpose, seldom talking but always watchful. After acquiring the Soulsealer Aegis and leaving it with some allies in one of the remote kingdoms, our travels directed us south. Another vast mountain range bordered with desolate sandy wastes was to be our target. I asked my companion of our goal in this bleak place and was met with a single response:

“We seek the Sundered Idol.”

I remember hearing tales of this artifact whispered among the elders of our village. Legends tell of a powerful creature that walked the realm centuries ago. An ancient beast said to be born from the molten depths, it knew no master and simply wandered about aimlessly. It was said that this creature brought fiery wrath upon those that angered it but it was never confirmed whether it was good or evil. Still, with such uncontrolled power roaming the lands, a collective of mages managed to seal its spirit in a stone idol. Records of the relic’s location were lost to time, the mages having died out long ago. It must be the target of the Summoner. What sort of terrifying power will we find? Will my companion be able to control it?


 That's it for the short intro lore piece. The rest will be posted tomorrow!