Halloween Project 2021: Sunderbrand Beast Ganthrios








 Happy Halloween!


The year's project is a mache miniature sculpture representing the Sundered Idol. Check out the spotlight video here:


Unfortunately the construction and skin phase footage of for this project was lost. I had an archive with images from my old phone but I couldn't find them when I was putting this project together. As a result, the spotlight video includes some recently-taken still shots along with a video highlighting the piece.

I created this sculpture using the same mache techniques as my other pieces. The main body and frame was constructed using paper, masking tape and papier mache pieces. After getting the body and limbs attached, I added the round glass stones, clay spikes/horns, and eyes. The final part of the pre-paint process was the application of skin. I used torn up sheets soaked in white glue as usual but due to the smaller model size, I had to work with much smaller cloth bits. That was a bit of a challenge. Finally, after the skin was completely dry, I painted Ganthrios using latex paint and applied a blackwash layer once the first coat had dried.

Overall, this was a fun project to work on. The miniatures are definitely a different scale than some of my larger sculptures or wearables. I have a couple others that are in development and hope to post them in the future. For now, this entry is going to bridge the lore gap and lead into the next chapter of the Summoner's story. Once I have the next pieces done, I'll be posing some prologue lore articles that will kick the chapter off.

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