Halloween Event Concludes, Upcoming Content Updates!

Happy Halloween!

As of today, the countdown even draws to a close. To summarize all of the pieces, I've put together a short compilation video of all the masks in the "Faceless Summoner" series.

It was a pretty interesting project to work on. All of the production work getting the masks done combined with learning filming and video editing was a new experience. I think it was worth it and the response has been quite positive. I've already started planning for next year's event which will have to be more complex. I did get capture footage of the drawing process for each of the emblems for the masks and I will be posting them at random times going forward to keep up the content.

As far as upcoming content goes, I will be posting some footage of a new pumpkin I've been working on. It got sidelined a bit while I got the Summoner content up but I do intend to finish it as a sort of post-Halloween celebration. There will be a post here and a spotlight video once it's finished, most likely some time in November. I'm also working on a new dragon trophy which will probably get posted in the next few months.

Starting on November 2nd, I will begin uploading the Rhinoceros Tutorial videos on Youtube. These videos are meant to be an introduction to using Rhino for 2D design work. I've set up capture footage of myself walking through the program with voiceover commentary. The first part of the tutorial series is broken up into 3 parts and should go up consecutively each day.

That's it for now. Thanks to everyone that stopped by during the countdown!