Faceless Summoner Event Starts on 11/28


As mentioned previously, I will be posting a multi-part series of write-ups and videos featuring the latest entries in the Faceless Summoner series. Ardelrius' tale will continue and I'll but putting up the lore pieces for each entry here just like our Halloween event last year. As a sort of announcement for the project, I've put together a simple trailer on Youtube:
Just like the lore entries of the past, I wanted to keep a cohesive narrative going for the story so far. I've written up a prologue to the event here:
It has been many months since I joined Ardelrius on its mysterious quest. As we traveled, I’ve only been able to learn that it is seeking powerful souls in anticipation of some great threat to our world. Whether it’s the return of the Sealed Ones, or something new, I don’t know. All Ardelrius has told me is that a great trial will soon envelop our world and all must be prepared to fight. I am no warrior and I know not what this means for me and my village but perhaps I will find an answer on this journey.

We made our way across the vast Cirladn Mountains, a range that stretches across the southern end of the continent. Much like the skypeaks closer to our village, little life thrives in the harsh living conditions. I was able to weather the cutting snowstorms and my companion was unaffected, not even needing protective clothing. When we descended from the snowy passes, we found ourselves near the boundaries of the Demon Wastelands, sprawling lawless territory. Many tales have been told of brave knights vanishing among the chaotic savage lands before us. When I asked Ardelrius of our destination, it told me that our next target was a great sealed temple hidden in the heart of the Demon Wastelands. With no time to spare, we proceeded along a path down the mountains into the darkness ahead.

The posts will start going up on 11/28 on here, DA, and Youtube.

Stay tuned!