The Faceless Summoner Entry #11: Silenced Dendrus Ferroq

Here is the next entry in the series. This is Silenced Dendrus Ferroq:

Just like the last entry, here is Ferroq's lore:


After proceeding further into the temple, we found ourselves at a central crossroads. Up ahead, the path split three directions. The left path which was decorated with a deep green seal similar to the first vanished into the darkness. On the right an arch with a crimson seal wound off into the temple in an undiscernible direction. The final path at the center was barred by two bone-like gates with a dark gray-blue seal. Ardelrius waved the tree-like staff and its “eyes” began to resonate with the green seal on the left. We proceeded down the path.

The narrow corridor lit with faint burning torches led us downwards under the planet’s surface. Slowly, the air became more dense and humid, the temperature rising as we descended. At the end of the hall, the temple widened into another room. Slowly the room illuminated, light all around cast by glowing jewels in the ceiling. What was revealed was unlike anything I’ve seen in this realm. Twisting green vines and roots grew in all directions like a sprawling jungle of tendrils even reaching up the walls and ceilings. At the far end of the room, a large form pulled itself forth, moving slowly towards us. It looked like a hulking monstrosity with scaled skin covered in moss and thorns. A large glowing jeweled core at the beast’s center was ensnared in a mix of claws and more vines. The face of the creature was some sort of horned monster with sloping horns and blue jewels embedded in its skin. Its mouth was stitched shut and it beckoned to us with large clawed hands.

Before Ardelrius could speak, we heard the voice of the creature. A hollow tone echoed in the chamber around us as if projected from its mind. Introducing itself as Ferroq the sealed plant god, our next foe rose up ahead. Like Diyara before, Ferroq told us that Arderlius would have to offer proof of strength in order to proceed.

As the fight began, the room started to distort. From the metallic walls, vines and tendrils began to emerge. They struck out at Ardelrius from all sides, attempting to impale their foe. I watched the Summoner move with inhuman speed, darting quickly over the paved floor. Using the tree-like staff, Ardelrius conjured a miasma of bright green mist. I managed to escape to the entryway of Ferroq’s chamber away from the battle. Slowly, the toxic fog began to erode the vines and tendrils emerging from the walls. It slowed the onslaught enough to allow the Summoner to deal several blows to Ferroq’s body. A glancing blow from its staff cut a deep gouge across the central jewel. The great beast let out a roar and knocked Ardelrius away before collapsing to the ground. Its body began to liquefy and seep into the floor. All the remained was the scarred jewel wrapped in a few vines.

Once again, the hollow snarl of Ferroq’s disembodied voice rang around us. Ardelrius has apparently satisfied the creature and we would be allowed to proceed to the next trial. I followed my companion back up the sloping corridor to the central crossroads of the temple.
Front/side view
Ferroq's mask design was sort of a progression of ideas. As shown in the WIP shots, the original shell had no initial design elements to work from. I knew I wanted to create a sort of demon-like monster with a sealed mouth but the armor plates, horns, and jewels just sort of emerged as I worked. After the piece was painted, I toyed with the idea of actually stitching the mouth shut with white wire. This proved to be too difficult and in the end I used smaller segments secured in a pattern with hot glue. I think it turned out well.

Ferroq's Emblem
I feel like the emblems are a good way to flesh out more of the designs of these characters since the masks are merely representations of their faces/heads. As described in the lore, Ferroq as a massive creature comprised of flesh and plants. The jewel at the center of its body houses the majority of its power and grants control over plant-based constructs. I envision a creature that isn't very mobile but a powerful commander of its environment.

That's it for this entry. I think I mentioned this somewhere but I will be posting these parts every other day until the event is done.

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